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Committee Charters

  Audit Committee Charter   Compensation Committee Charter   Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee Charter   Technical Committee (formerly the Health, Occupational Safety & Environmental Committee)

Corporate Governance

  Articles of Incorporation   Majority Voting Policy   Advance Notice Requirements   Disclosure Controls & Procedures Policy   Code of Business Conduct & Ethics   Shareholder Approval of Certain Transactions

Shareholder Approval of Certain Transactions

Shareholder Approval of Certain Transactions: The NYSE MKT Company Guide provides that shareholder approval is required for the participation of directors and officers in a private placement(s) pursuant to which the issuance of common shares to such officers and directors at a discount to market is considered an equity compensation arrangement. Under applicable Canadian rules, shareholder approval is not generally required in respect of a private placement to directors and officers of the issuer unless, during any six month period, securities are issued to insiders entitling them to purchase more than 10% of the number of listed securities outstanding, on a non-diluted basis, prior to the completion of the first private placement to an insider during such period. As shareholder approval was not required in Canada in respect of the Private Placement, the Company was granted an exemption from the requirements of the NYSE MKT Company Guide pursuant to Section 110 thereof.

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