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Environmental Stewardship Is Our Priority

Alaskans cherish their State, it's clean air, water, wildlife and outdoor lifestyle. Tower Hill Mines shares these values and is committed to using modern mining practices and technologies to protect the environment while creating high paying, environmentally responsible jobs for generations of Alaskans.

At Tower Hill, we share the desire to protect the environment because we also are people of Alaska. Our senior staff in Alaska are 100% long term residents. We share the Alaskan values and ethic to protect the environment in the same way as our neighbors in the Alaska communities where we live and work and are raising our families.

As Alaskans and Tower Hill employees, we are committed to not just building the Livengood Mine- we are going to build it right! The Livengood Mine is located in an historic mining district where mining dates back to the early 1900s. Today, modern mines are subject to strict environmental controls to protect the environment, including the air, water, fishery and wildlife resources and their habitats. Stringent environmental and reclamation controls implemented through a rigorous permitting process assure the protection of Alaskan lands and resources. Since 2008, we have been conducting environmental studies to characterize environmental conditions, including extensive research to understand:

State of Alaska Reclamation Award

Tower Hill Mines, Inc. was recognized in 2013 by the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources for their exploration reclamation work. The company is honored by this award and strives to continue to demonstrate this high level of stewardship for the environment.

Ongoing Environmental Programs in the Livengood area

With this information, working together with the regulators and stakeholders, we will plan and construct a mine that will employ Alaskans for years to come and protect this beautiful land we call home.

If you are interested in learning more about the Livengood project, please contact Rick Solie, Community & Government Relations Manager, at [email protected].

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