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Community Overview

Being Part of the Community isn't Something We Do, It's Who We Are...

The Livengood Gold Project is part of a vibrant Alaskan region that includes Fairbanks as well as a number of rural communities in interior Alaska. Our Alaska Development Team is 100 percent Alaska residents with over 150 years of combined experience working in the state and their roots go deep. In addition to being respected professionals in the mining industry, many of them were raised in Fairbanks and are now bringing up their own families in the area. The bottom line is that we don't just work in Alaska; we live there and are directly involved in the growth and well-being of the community.

Our people at the Livengood Gold Project are both great employees and good citizens who double time as coaches, conservationists and volunteers. Below is a list of just some of the organizations our people are involved with, including at a Board or Leadership Level from local non-profit organizations and Churches, to Fiduciary and State Boards, to Trade Organizations:

Livengood Project Updates

As they work to advance the project ITH Staff have reached out to communities and colleagues across the State to keep them updated on our latest developments. Our briefings have initially focused on government officials and regulatory agencies, but have also included businesses, trade organizations, communities and their leaders.

If you are located in Alaska and are interested in learning more about the Livengood project, please contact Rick Solie, Investor & Community Relations Manager, at [email protected].

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